Tuesday, March 19, 2013

OBX 2013

We had the wonderful fortune of a last-minute Outerbanks trip with Justin's family. 
We tried to arrange going before, but with J's work and school schedule, it didn't seem like it would work out! The day before they were leaving, we decided we really wanted to try to go and thankfully, J's SGT gave him the green light. 

I am so thankful the Department is so good with employee/family requests. We left after Will's bedtime when J got home from work and drove overnight- we arrived around 0330 and slept for a few hours before starting our day! Parents, overnight travel is where it's at- baby was sleeping (when he'd normally be screaming!) and we had a nice six hours to chat.

We spent our days chatting with family, flying kites, playing in the sand and exploring the area.

We spent a few hours at the Roanoke Island Aquarium! Will loved it.

Visiting the Wright Brother's Memorial in Kill Devil Hills

Flying kites and playing in the sand in front of the beach house. 

J took Will for an early morning walk on the beach while I got to sleep a little more! 

It was a very relaxing trip and we made so many memories as a family.

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